20th/21st Century Solo Repertoire

Jenny Beck
Stand Still Here

William Bolcom
Twelve New Etudes for Piano, no. 10: Vers le silence
Twelve New Etudes for Piano, no. 11: Hi-jinks
Twelve New Etudes for Piano, no. 12: Hymne à l’amour

David Broome

John Cage
HPSCHD Solo No. 5

Chris Cerrone

Ian Dicke
White Parasol

Matt Evans
Still Life for Piano #*

Morton Feldman
For Bunita Marcus
Palais de Mari
Triadic Memories

Brooks Frederickson
Etude No. 1: Delayed Mirrors

Beat Furrer
Voicelessness (the Snow Has No Voice)

Adam Haws
House Carpenter *#

Robert Honstein
Grand Tour *#

Cindy Giron
Musing #*

Derek Johnson
Infinity Plunge

Nikolai Kapustin
Prelude no. 9 in E major : Lento, Op. 53
Prelude no. 10 in c-sharp minor : Allegro, Op. 53

Ravi Kittappa
Diasporas #*

Adrian Knight
Death of Paneloux

Adrian Knight
Death of Paneloux

David Lang
Diet Coke
Hard Hit #
This Was Written by Hand

György Ligeti
Etude no. 2 : Cordes à Vides
Etude no. 4: Fanfares
Etude no. 5 : Arc-en-ciél
Etude no. 6 : Automne à Varsovie
Etude no. 8 : Fem
Etude no. 10 : Der Zauberlehrling
Etude no. 11 : En Suspens

Alvin Lucier
Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators

Finola Merivale
Blinding Blizzards, Blurring, Broken #*

Olivier Messiaen
Catalogue d’oiseaux : le Courlis cendré
Vingt regards sure l’enfant Jésus : I, II, III, IV, V, X, XI, XVI

Tristan Perich
Dual Synthesis

Gemma Peacocke
Lethe #

David Rakowski
Etude No. 65: Rick’s Mood
Etude No. 80: Fireworks
Etude No. 84 What’s Hairpinning #
Etude No. 85 Diminishing Return #
Etude No. 86: Prog Springs Eternal
Etude No. 100 Two Great Tastes #
Preludes for Piano: Book I #

Frederic Rzewski
Down By the Riverside from Four North American Ballads
The People United Will Never Be Defeated! (Theme and variation 1-6)

Giacinto Scelsi

Salvatore Sciarrino
Perduto in una città d’acque per pianoforte

Dmitri Shostakovich
Prelude and Fugue No. 14 in e-flat minor

David Smooke
Transgenic Fields, dusk

Kotoka Suzuki
Shimmer, Tree | In Memoriam Jonathan Harvey

Ken Thomson
Me Vs. *#

Anthony Vine
Music for an Apartment on Coles Street *#

Alex Weiser
after J.S.
Piano Piece
Memories Suite

Julia Wolfe
East Broadway

Christian Wolff
Suite I for Prepared Piano

Scott Wollschleger
Blue Inscription
Brontal no. 2 ‘Holiday’
Brontal no. 6 #
Chaos Analog
Dark Days #
For Nils #
Gas Station Canon Song
In Search of Lost Color
Music Without Metaphor
November 29
Secret Machines no. 4
Secret Machines no. 6 #
Tiny Oblivion #

* Indicates Karl Larson Commission
# Indicates Karl Larson Premier

Canonic Solo Repertoire

J.S. Bach
Toccata in D Major, BWV. 538
Toccata in e minor, BWV. 914
WTC, book I: Prelude and Fugue no. 2 in c minor, BVW. 847
WTC, book I: Prelude and Fugue no. 16 in g minor, BVW. 861
WTC, book I: Prelude and Fugue no. 22 in b-flat minor, BVW. 867
WTC, book II: Prelude and Fugue no 6 in d minor, BVW. 875

Ludwig van Beethoven
Sonata in c minor, Op. 10, no. 1
Sonata quasi una Fantasia, Op. 27
Sonata in G Major, Op. 31, no. 1
Sonata in E Major, Op. 109
Sonata in A-flat Major, Op. 110

Alban Berg
Sonata, Op. 1

Johannes Brahms
Rhapsody No. 2 in g minor, Op. 79
Intermezzo No. 1, Op. 118
Intermezzo No. 2, Op. 118

Frederic Chopin
Etude, Op. 10, no. 1
Etude, Op. 10, no. 2
Etude, Op. 10, no. 3
Etude, Op. 10, no. 12
Etude, Op. 25, no. 11
Fantasie in f minor
Nocturne in e minor, Op. 72, no. 1
Prelude in D-flat Major, Op. 28, no. 15
Scherzo in b flat minor

Claude Debussy
Etude no. 6: Pour les huit doigts
Etude no. 9: Pour les notes répétées
Prelude no. 3, Book 1: Le vent dans la plaine
Prelude no. 4, Book 1: Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir
Prelude no. 6, Book 1: Des pas sur la neige
Prelude no. 8, Book 1: La fille aux cheveux de lin
Prelude no. 10, Book 1: La Cathédrale engloutie
Prelude no. 2, Book 2: Feuilles mortes
Suite Bergamasque: Clair de Lune
L’isle joyeuse

Franz Liszt
l’Années de Pèlerinage, Première Annèe: Chapelle de Guillaume Telle
La lugubre gondola No. 1 & 2

Claudio Merulo
Missa Susanne un giour – Agnus Dei (arr. Robert Honstein)
Missa Susanne un giour ­ Kyrie (arr. Robert Honstein)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata in C Major, K. 279
Sonata in A Major, K. 331

Sergei Prokofiev
Sonata no. 3 in a minor, Op. 28
Visions fugitives, Op. 22

Maurice Ravel
Gaspard de la Nuit
“Oiseaux tristes” from Miroirs
“Une barque sur l’ocean” from Miroirs

Erik Satie

Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata in F Major, K. 44
Sonata in f minor, K. 239

Robert Schumann
Papillons, Op. 2
Sonata in g minor, Op. 22

Soloist with Ensemble

Alban Berg
Chamber Concerto for Violin, Piano, and Thirteen Winds

Cornelius Cardew
The Great Learning

George Gershwin
Concerto in F
Rhapsody in Blue

Ravi Kittappa
Diasporas #*

Olivier Messiaen
Couleurs de la cité céleste

Arvo Pärt
Tabula Rasa

Sergei Prokofiev
Concerto no. 3, Op. 26

Joseph Schwantner
and the Mountains Rising Nowhere

Scott Wollschleger
Meditations on Dust #

Chamber/Ensemble Repertoire

John Adams
Gnarly Buttons
Road Movies

William Albright
Sonata for Saxophone and Piano

Timo Andres
Fast Flows the River
Talking About Dancing

Louis Andriessen
De Stijl
Worker’s Union

John Bacon
Three Poems of Ted Kooser #*

Nik Bartsch
Moduls 26, 42, 45, 52, and 57

Doug Balliett
Pyramus and Thisbe #

Bela Bartok
Violin Sonata No. 1

Amy Beach
Violin Sonata

Jenny Beck

Ludwig van Beethoven
Violin Sonata no. 5 ‘Spring’

Luciano Berio
Folk Songs

David Biedenbender

Pierre Boulez
Sonatine for Flute and Piano

Cory Bracken
One Thousand Spiders #

Johannes Brahms
Cello Sonata No. 1 in e minor

Martin Bresnick
Trio for Violin, Cello, and Piano

Earle Brown
Twenty-Five Pages

Jason Cady
I Need Space #

Ryan Carter
dolorem ipsum *#

Chris Cerrone
I Will Learn to Love a Person *#
Violin Sonata

Ty Citerman
Shreds #*

George Crumb
Makrokosmos III: Music for a Summer Evening

Chin Ting Chan
Five Songs of the Von Seggerns *#

Anna Clyne
A Wonderful Day

John Corigliano
Sonata for Violin and Piano

Adam de la Cour
Corporate Talent Factors Next Top Idol! #

Anders Dahl

Bryce Dessner
O Shut Your Eyes Against the Wind

Franco Donatoni

Henri Dutilleux
Figures de résonances

Julius Eastman
Gay Guerilla

Fjola Evans
Shoaling #*

Amanda Feery
Sun Stands Still #*

Morton Feldman
Two Pieces for Two Pianos
Durations 3
For John Cage
Four Pianos
Piano Four Hands
Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello
String Quartet and Piano
Vertical Thoughts no. 1
Violin, Voice, and Piano

Brooks Frederickson
Song Cycle #
Undertoad *#

Reiko Fueting
Kaddish – The Art of Losing

Kyle Gann
Snake Dance No. 3

George Gershwin
Three Preludes (Heifitz Version)

Florent Ghys
Des Mots Superficiels*#

Philip Glass
Closing from Glassworks
Music in Fifths
Music in Similar Motion

Richard Glover
Ascending Scale with Piano Accompaniment
Descending Scale with Piano Accompaniment

Luke Gullickson
Four Trios #*

Michael Gordon
Dark of the Night
Yo Shakespeare

Edward Hamel
Presence, Consequence, and Submissiveness *#

Eva­ Maria Hauben
Wind’s Whispering Words 2

Adam Haws
Incantation *#

Ted Hearne
Katrina Ballads

Molly Heron
Ebb Tide*#
Neon Helix #

Ben Hjertmann
A Cause for the Augurs #*

James Holt
Loss/Gain #*

Robert Honstein
I Know the Feeling #
Is it Auburn?
Just Please Let Me Know and That’s All I Ask From You
My Friend I Understand 100%. I Have No Girlfriend. #
On the Softer Side
Why Are You Not Answering? I Do Not Wish to Play Games. #

Charles Ives
At Sea
At the River
Down East
General Booth Enters Into Heaven
Her Eyes
His Exaltation
Piano Trio
The Housatonic at Stockbridge
The New River
Tom Sails Away
Violin Sonata no. 1
Violin Sonata no. 2
Violin Sonata no. 3
Violin Sonata no. 4

Shawn Jaeger
Wilderness of Woe #

David Lang
After Gravity
Death Speaks
How to Pray
Orpheus Over and Under

György Ligeti
Three Pieces for Two Pianos
Chamber Concerto

Wang Lu

Alvin Lucier
Broken Lines

Witold Lutoslawski
Chain I
Variations on a Theme by Paganini

Ravi Kittappa
Decantations I #
Decantations III #

Adrian Knight
The Ringing World #*

Sky Macklay
Density Dancity #*

Walter Mayes
Saxophone Concerto

Rytis Mazulis
Möbius­ Strip Canon

Missy Mazzoli
Magic With Everyday Objects
Proving Up
Set That On Fire

Matt McBane

Anna Meadors
Miniature Impulses*#

Marc Mellits
Postcards of Dreadlock

Olivier Messiaen
Poemes pour mi
Quatour pour la fin du temps
Theme and Variations
Vision de l’Amen

Akio Mokuno
Deformation #

Robert Morris
Variations on the the Variations of the Quadran Pavan and the Quadran Pavan by Bull and Byrd

Andrew Norman
Don’t Even Listen

Michael Nicholas
Sonance #

Gemma Peacocke

Tristan Perich

Brian Petuch
Updog *#

Francis Poulenc
Clarinet Sonata
Flute Sonata
La courte paille

Brendon Randall-Myers
Simple Machine #*

Steve Reich
Daniel Variations
Double Sextet
Music for 18 Musicians
Piano Phase
The Desert Music
You Are Variations

Lula Romero

Bill Ryan

Frederic Rzewski
Coming Together

Eric Shanfield
Borrowed Love Songs #
Lightning Field #*
This is Not a Violin Sonata #*

Amanda Schoofs
Intimate Addictions

Marilyn Shrude
Transparent Eyes

Aaron Siegell
Book of Notions #
The Collector #
Science is Only a Sometimes Friend

John Sokol

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Steve Stucky
Ad parnassum
Scherzando for Piano and Saxophone

Ken Thomson
Grizzly #*
restless #

Marcus Trunk
The Islands

Galina Ustvolskaya
Grand Duet

Scott Unrein

Anthony Vine
North #
From a Forest of Standing Mirrors #*

Tyler Wilcox
Piano/Violin #

Charlie Wilmoth
Silver Eye #*

Anton Webern
Four Pieces for Violin and Piano

Alex Weiser
Bearthoven Roar #*

Christian Wolff
10 Exercises

Scott Wollschleger
American Dream #*
Brontal Symmetry
Soft Aberration #
The Heart is No Place for War #
That Which Pushes Back is it’s Force
We See Things that Are Not There #

Eric Wubbels
This is This is This is

Iannis Xenakis

Evan Ziporyn
Angkat, Ocean, Meditation, and Head from ShadowBang

* Indicates Karl Larson Commission
# Indicates Karl Larson Premier